Operation Save America - CT

Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

December Street Report 2013

For the year 2013 - 56 babies were saved
Since 1990 - 2312 babies were saved
Since 1990 - 414 salvations.

All this happened because Christians were obedient to the call of God and just showed up to see what He would do. Please join us on 3787 Main Street Bridgeport every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 8 AM- 10 AM. Bundle up in layers like you are going skiing.
You can hold a sign, pass out literature, learn to counsel or pray.
"Wisdom calls aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the public square, at the head of the noisy streets she cries out in the gateways of the city she makes her speech." Psalm 1:20, 21

We pray you all have the best year ever in 2014 as you follow hard after Jesus! The year 2013 was the lowest in 30 years for abortions in the United States. About fifty Planned Parenthood locations have shut down in our nation and International Planned Parenthood report a 6.7 % loss of customers. PTL!
These precious children are all "fruit of the ministry."    




Please don't support businesses that work for abortion clinics. If you go to www.bloodworker.com you can see different companies that make a profit from abortion money. This picture below is a business that did work for the Summit Women's Center abortuary in December 2013. Please get the word out. I told the man that came out of the truck that he shouldn't do business with a place that kills babies but he just smirked and went in only. Spread the word around not to hire companies like this.

Needs of the ministry: we are collecting money towards a car for Tironda (put in memo), if you have a used car that works to donate or sell for a low price, let us know. Christina needs a washer, another mom needs a dresser. We always need diapers, mostly sizes 3,4,5,6 and wipes. Thank you so much for giving in 2013, if you need another receipt, please let me know. We cannot do this alone and appreciate your help!
God bless you and Happy New Year!
For the Least of These,
Marilyn & Carmen
632 Merwin Ave
Milford, CT 06460-38290


November Street Report 2013

November 2013, Bridgeport Stats: 7 babies were saved
63 babies were killed by surgical abortion

We have so many moms and children that need help. We appreciate anything you can do.
 Needs: Blankets, coats, gloves and hats. Diapers sizes 2-5 and wipes. Christmas gifts: toys.
Collecting money towards a car for Tironda, or if anyone has a car to donate.
We cannot do this alone, thank you for your assistance.
God bless you and your families this CHRISTmas season!
We appreciate each and everyone of you.
OSA-CT, 632 Merwin Ave. Milford CT 06460-3820
www.osaconnecticut.webs.com (PayPal available)

Catherine's four children Daniel 4, David 3, Willy 2, and baby Camilla, 3 months old.  

Tavarian and Nathan both celebrated their first birthdays Dec. 10 and Dec. 1.

On November 23, at 9:30 AM a pregnant mom was taken out of Planned Parenthood in New Haven by ambulance! Soon after a mother and daughter came out and told us they were leaving PP. They said it was because they saw the young lady that was taken in the ambulance collapse on the floor and the workers were mistreating her. They left and we were able to encourage them not to come back or support Planned Parenthood anymore. We gave them a resource list of other places for the gynecological help that they needed. We will continue to take a public stand and pray for the women that go in these horrible places!
For the Least of These,
Carmen Vazquez and Marilyn Carroll

October Street Report 2013

64 babies killed by abortion
2 babies saved when moms changed their minds

Carmen and I had a very busy but fruitful trip to Jackson, Mississippi where only one abortion mill remains. Our group was aiming to visit 25 churches on Sunday. We split up into groups with the people that had cars. The churches were very receptive to our message and three of our men were given the opportunity to speak at the church service they attended (Ante, Chet, Dale). We also were able to speak in the Sunday School classes. All the Pastors were invited to come to a pro-life Pastor meeting and I believe many will attend.  Keep this in prayer.

Sunday night we had our Solemn Assembly special rally to deal with our personal sins, church sins and national sins. We wanted to do this prior to starting our days of street ministry.  All the rallies were held at the Wesley Biblical Seminary in Jackson, MS.

We brought the pro-life message to three major high schools Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. The students were very receptive to our message as we passed out literature and displayed life and death signs. Many parents took the information too, including a few bus drivers that stopped to get information for the kids on their buses! A few staff people ordered us away from the school entrances but we were able to stay pretty close. At one school the police took our signs but returned them later. Thank God!

Monday we had a Memorial Service in front of the state capital. Carmen and I gave testimonies of moms that we are helping to encourage the saints. Our service was crashed by a group of Pro-abortion angry people, but we just kept on going. Eventually the police came, and made them move away from us.

We also visited many colleges in the afternoons. Tom Raddell set up his display of the truth about abortion at the capital and at the universities. We also got to hand out literature to students and passers -by but again the staff had a problem with us being there. Shame on them, Christian colleges not wanting us to pass out pro-life information to promote the closing of the last abortion mill in Mississippi. This could make them the first abortion free state!

Wednesday late afternoon we went to court for Chet and Cal's cases. One was for the security guard macing pro-lifers at the abortuary. He got a $250. fine for each of the four incidents and had to pay $1,000.  Tom Raddell also had the TRUTH abortion display set up at the courthouse.

Chet has to come back to court in February. Pray for Chet since the court is prolonging the case. This is especially annoying because he lives in Nevada and has to come to Mississippi each time.
You can see more pictures on www.facebook.com/pages/OSA-Connecticut

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September Street Report 2013


In 1991 there were over 2100 free standing abortion mills in the USA. Today there are less than seven hundred. The support of the prolife movement has never been higher and current polls reveal that the majority of Americans are prolife.  The number of people under 18 who believe that abortion is wrong is 72%. Five states only have one abortion mill. Please join us in prayer for all these deathly places to shut down. Carmen and Marilyn will be traveling to Jackson, Mississippi with OSA leaders from all over the country to continue the process of making Mississippi the first Abortion Free State.  We need people to cover at the Summit Abortuary on 3787 Main St Bridgeport on Saturday Nov. 2 and Wednesday Nov. 6, 8AM- 10 AM.  Please reply and let me know if you can help.


 Jamie born Sept 13, Camila born Oct. 6,  Kamari 2 months old,
Joshua 3 months old, Jo Juan 8 months, Tavarian 10 months old

 On October 7, OSA National received an email from a 13 year old girl reading “Hi I would like to get MS.Carmen E.F. Vazquez or MS.Marilyn Carroll’s number, I would like to thank them, my name is Najai and they saved my life.”  Brenda Spurlock sent the email to Carmen and she emailed Najai her phone number. She called Carmen’s cell and I just happened to be there and we both got to talk to her. She said she found a letter her mom had written for us to share with other moms contemplating abortion. She talked to her mom about it and her mom told her the story and said it would be fine for her to contact us. We have exchanged pictures and emails and hope to have lunch with her and her mom. Bob Cooley’s family opened their home to Tasha and housed 16 year old Tasha during her pregnancy because she was homeless. They discipled her during her stay there. They helped her get a part-time job and babysat Najai. The Cooleys are missionaries in Peru and have remained involved with them. Najai likes to draw and enjoys singing in her 8th grade school choir for special events. She is very mature for her age and loves the Lord with her very sweet spirit.We sent her a teen girl’s study bible for her to enjoy.    Here is the link to the letter: www.operationsaveamerica.org/streets/ct/letter2.shtml.html

Here are pictures Najai emailed, this is her as a baby, her now at 13, and her cat Jonas.Carmen and Marilyn are blessed to communicate with Najai, She is priceless!     

On Sept. 28th 2013 a young lady that previously worked at Planned Parenthood came by to pick up her things from the abortion mill in New Haven. She stopped her car to talk with us and announced to all the pro-lifers that she had quit her job at PP and wanted to encourage us to continue doing a great job reaching out to the women going in! I asked her for her telephone number and I called her that afternoon. I asked her how long she was working for PP and she said seven years. Answering the phones and making appointments for the women going in for an abortion. This was her first job and for her training she had to go into the surgery room and watch an abortion procedure performed.

She became very sick to her stomach watching the procedure. She has Crohn's disease and has suffered for many years with this condition and they let her go out of the room. She is a Christian and knew that abortion was wrong! She noticed other Christians that worked there eventually stopped going to church. She prayed to God to help her to get another job. Her Pastor was praying for her since she was a single mom and needed a job. When the women called in to make appointments she would try to discourage them from having any abortion over the phone. She was able to turn away many women from going in for an abortion. She said many of the workers were lesbians and homosexuals. During those seven years she would go home from work and be very irritable, moody and depressed. She said the atmosphere at PP was very gloomy! She believes it was God who answered her prayer with a new job opportunity. Even though it was less pay, she is so happy to be out of there! PTL!!   
“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18          

August Street Report 2013

OSA-CT Ministry  Report

August, 2013 stats
78 babies killed by abortion, 8 babies spared from abortion, 3 salvations
Stats since 1990: 2295 Babies saved, 412 salvations

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” Matthew 11:12


Here are some pictures of babies saved and families we help in the ministry.

“With God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

Top left, Shemar Anthony, born 8/13/13, 6 lbs. 15 oz. top middle is Ava, born 5/14/13, top right is Keymone Scott, born 8/31/13, 9 lbs.7 oz. Below left is Ebony w/Tavarian, in center is Ebony’s daughter Neveah with cousin, bottom right Maria with Jeremiah born 8/27/13, 6 lbs. 9 oz. We thank God for all these precious babies and moms.  Three moms repented and made Jesus their Lord and Savior! Please pray for Ebony, Nicole and Paige as they are discipled in our local churches.  We also helped Maria’s family get a ride to a local church.

On left is Tironda with her baby Joshua born 7/5/13 weighing 7lbs. 5 1/2 ounces, 20 ¾ “

On right Latisha with Ginelly, 1 ½ years old

On left is Hysheka’s boy, one year old and on right is Taylor’s graduation from high school.  
(Brandon, Gladys, Taylor & Joe) We helped Gladys (her mom) when the kids were little and she never forgot it. 


Karina, a 16 year old mom from Planned Parenthood had her baby boy, Jencarlos on July 12. He weighed in at 4 lbs. 13 oz. The baby’s father Kevin is also 16 years old and is now working a pizza restaurant to take care of his baby. They are doing well! Nicole had her baby Friday, Sept 13th.  Wendee and Ilka were at the hospital with her, she had a boy, Jaime Nicholas Jr., 8 lbs. and was 21 inches long.

My son, Anthony, was talking to a co-worker and somehow he got on the subject about what we do in our ministry. She asked if he had a picture of his mom and he showed her. She told him we talked to her and she changed her mind. Her child is now a toddler. This goes to show you never know how many people you really influence when you share the truth of God’s word.
Please pray for these moms that change their minds. They have many obstacles to overcome. Pray for us too as we counsel them and try to get them the help that they need. Pray they get the right counsel and that they are receptive to living Godly lives.

“It is more blessed to give then to receive.” Acts 20:35

“In the measure you give you shall receive, and more besides.” Mark 4:24
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ebony’s family is in the new apartment, we are still trying to get it organized. If anyone has a TV they don’t want that’s in good condition, please let us know. Also Christina needs a vacuum cleaner. We always need diapers and wipes. Donations can be sent to: OSA-CT, 632 Merwin Ave Milford CT 06460 and we have a PayPal account on this website, we are also on Facebook:
We meet on the streets of Bridgeport every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Summit Center 3787 Main St from 8 AM- 10 AM
Some of us are in New Haven Wed. and Sat. 8AM- 10 AM
Planned Parenthood 345 Whitney Ave.
Let us fight the good fight, finish the race and not grow weary in well doing!   


July Street Report 2013

OSA-CT Ministry  Report

July 2013: 62 Surgical abortions, Babies saved: 2 (Bridgeport)
Please pray that the abortuary (Summit Women’s Center) on 3787 Main Street , Bridgeport will close down and stop killing babies. Their business was very slow this month! Praise God!
Three more saved babies were born. May 19, baby girl Sohana (6 lbs. 10 oz.) was born to a Muslim couple we spoke with last September.  July 7, baby boy Modesto was born (5 lbs. 5 oz.), baby boy Jose was born August 2, (6lbs. 8 oz.) We thank God for all these precious little ones, without Him they would not be here.

Below left is Ilka, Wendee and Carmen reaching out to a mom going into the abortuary.  On the right Carmen and Daniel are with Nicole, a mom who changed her mind and is due to have her baby any day.

We have lots of needs for moms and babies we are helping in the ministry. Jennifer, a single mom, just left a shelter home in Bridgeport to move into a small apartment. She needs a bed and household items for her apartment. She is due to have her baby in November.  We are helping two families that need housing. Any leads?  Please let us know.  Others need a toy box, bins and school uniforms (khaki pants, blue polo shirts) Boy 13-14, Girl 7-8, bottles, sheets (for crib and bassinet), newborn socks, onesies, diapers (all sizes) and wipes.
Sixteen pro-lifers from CT went to Rochester NY for the OSA National Event; our goal is to bring the local church out to the streets with the Gospel of life. It was a blessed time of fellowship seeing our brothers and sisters from all over the country. We were challenged by deep teachings from the men of God who are leaders in OSA.

Every morning Pastor Flip led a bible study before we went out to the streets.
Above right is some of the Connecticut crew taking a coffee break. 

We had a memorial service to remember all the aborted babies.
Danny, Father Pavone and Marilyn

  We took a short trip to Niagra Falls on Sunday.
We also went to see Fr. Francis in Albany on the way home.

May June Street Report 2013

OSA-CT Ministry  Report
 During May 2013, 12 babies were saved and 61 moms were counseled.  
During June 2013: 4 babies were saved and 119 moms were counseled.
2283 babies saved since 1990, 409 salvations
Thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Congratulations to Amber Trawick’s, one of our sidewalk counselors, who had her baby Elizabeth (upper left) on May 14th . We prayed for Amber at the OSA National event for her to get pregnant and guess what? She now has a beautiful baby girl! PTL! Thank you Jesus! This is getting to be a common occurrence after these yearly prayer sessions for more babies to be born into the family of God!  Soly’s baby Lillianie (upper right) was born in May, a mom we met at Summit that we are helping with her baby.     



Ava(upper left) was born on May 14th  to Michael and Rose. She weighed in at 5 lbs. 10 oz. Both her parents were saved babies thanks to the help of pro-lifers. On the right is Tavarian, he is now 17 lbs. and almost 7 months old. His parents Ebony & Travis are moving up on the housing list in Stratford and hopefully will get the next 3 bedroom apartment. Pray please.

This is Tiana and Taraji. Taraji is the youngest of three girls (a saved baby). We were able to bless them with some toys that were given to the ministry. They had “Christmas” in June. They are waiting for housing too. They should be leaving the projects in New Haven to move to West Haven in six months. Housing and jobs are a major need for so many families. 

These three happy moms are having boys in the month of July! They are very grateful for all the help and support that they have received from this ministry. “You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous.” Psalm 139: 13, 14 

 Fr. Francis McCloskey recently celebrated his 50th anniversary in the priesthood. We miss and love Fr. Francis! He was a faithful baby rescuer. He recited the “Scripture Wall” Bible verses at the abortuaries and held the annual “Oh Saratoga” event in up-state New York every summer. We have so many fond memories of Father Francis. He needs our prayers.  
We also have Latisha, Maria, Miriam, and Samantha due August and first week of September.    These moms have nothing for their babies. NEEDS: Newborn baby clothes (boys & girls) Baby equipment.  Diapers & wipes. Clothes boy size 6 and girl size 4. School uniforms navy & beige pants, polo shirts light blue and navy, girl 7-8 and boy 12-14.  We cannot do this alone; we are out on the frontlines in the streets three days a week pleading with moms not to kill their children. We promise to help them. You are a huge part of the supply line. Please help us help those who found themselves where they should not be and changed their minds because of the amazing grace of God.

Please join us 8 AM- 10 AM every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at Summit Abortuary  on 3787 Main Street Bridgeport and Saturday at Planned Parenthood on 345 Whitney Avenue, New Haven. We reach out to moms in crisis pregnancy situations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God’s people are showing the love of Christ in practical genuine ways.

 If not us, then who? If not here, then where? If not now? then when? We are Jesus’s mouthpiece, we are His hands, His feet. He is the Head, we are the Body of Christ. Let’s do the work He commissioned us to do when He said in His word. “Rescue those who are unjustly sentenced to death, don’t stand back and let them die. Don’t try to disclaim responsibility by saying you didn’t know about it. For God who knows all hearts, knows yours and He knows you knew. And He will reward everyone according to his deeds.” Proverbs 24:10-12

March April Street Report 2013

OSA-CT Report for March-April 2013
148 babies were killed by surgical abortion (Bridgeport)
(Does not include medical or chemical abortions)
10 babies were saved! PTL!
Totals since 1990: 2267 babies spared from abortion, 408 salvations!

These four little girls just turned one year old and their moms are so very happy that
they are alive! Their names are JiNelly, Abigail, Rebecca and Brenda. Little miracles!!

These parents (left) dedicated to the Lord, their baby girl Miah (5 months old), at Promise Land
Church. They are working together in raising their little princess. Both are growing in Christ PTL!
JoJuen, a saved baby (middle), is now 2 months old. Krystal (right) changed her mind from
abortion and is now 4 months pregnant. She is holding her 5 month old in her arms.  

We praise God that this mother, Christina (left picture), just gave her life to the Lord! Her son,
Deonte, (a saved baby) is going to be fifteen years old this May. We have been witnessing to
them and praying. It is awesome to see how God turns lives around even if it seems to take a long time!

Mark Cahill spoke a few weeks ago at Calvary Chapel in N.J. He encouraged the people to go out
and be a voice for Christ and share their faith with the lost. He mentioned his experience going to the
abortion mill in Bridgeport. Linda Ruttle, one of the church members, came to visit PP in New
Haven and she invited us to come and speak to their pro-life group. We were able to go and speak to the group and
they are planning to start going out to the abortion mills in their area. We thank God for Mark Cahill
and all his books and handouts that we give out on the streets to proclaim God's love!! Thank you Mark!

More saved babies growing: Tavarian (4 months), Nathan (4 months), Alesandra (1½ yrs), AJ (2½ yrs), Taraji (2 yrs), Jaiquin (2 yrs). All blessings from God!    

Danny and Marilyn were at the Summit on Main Street in Bridgeport. A car stopped as it was
going into the driveway and the man driver asked Marilyn to give his girlfriend the literature she
was offering. The pregnant mom did not want it. The driver continued into the parking lot and the
young lady got out of the car and went into the abortuary. The dad then parked and rolled down his window to talk to Marilyn. She pleaded with him to get her out before it was too late. He asked if Marilyn would come to the car and watch his baby. Marilyn said she couldn't go on their property but if he would bring the baby next door to the
bakery; she would stay with their baby. He came out of the car with the baby in the car seat and
Marilyn went next door with them. He tried to call the mom inside the Summit at first and then
went into the abortion mill to try to get her out. She did come out to the parking lot for a short
time to talk to him but went back in. He came back to the bakery upset. They prayed with him
that his girlfriend would come back out without having the abortion.
After a half hour she did come out of the Summit and into the bakery crying. She didn’t want to
talk very much, she was upset. She went out the bakery door to the side steps and stood there
crying. Marilyn followed her out and just hugged her and told her they would be there for her.
The mom didn't say much but it appeared that she was angry with the dad.
She came back into the bakery and Danny and Marilyn talked to them both and gave their
testimony how Jesus changed their lives. Nancy invited them to her church in Bridgeport. The
young man gave Marilyn his phone number and said to call him. Nobody knew what the mom
was thinking. She was very quiet. The dad had told them that she had a very bad pregnancy for
their first baby and had to stay in bed for a long time. He said she had a good job and can't lose
it. He only has a part time construction job. She wanted to go home so they left.
The next day Marilyn called the young dad and he said they were keeping the baby! PTL! He also
said she wanted to go to church! Praise God! We were so excited. Please keep this couple in
prayer; especially for their salvation. THANK YOU! 

This past Friday a young couple (23 years old) was walking towards the abortion mill and
Carmen encouraged them not to kill their baby and that we had help! The young man turned
around and was crying and Carmen asked him to come over and he was sobbing on her shoulder!
He said he didn't want her to have an abortion and he came with her to try and convince her not
to have one. Carmen said to him “Let’s pray for her and trust the Lord to move on her heart to
come out.”  and they did. Carmen gave him the microphone so he could talk to her from outside the clinic.
Within 15 minutes she came out and he was able to talk to her about the help we had for her.
She told Carmen that she lost both her mother and father and she was very angry. She walked
away with her boyfriend Daniel and he came back to tell us that she wasn't going to have the
abortion. I gave him a resource list for help, booties, and a DVD to watch with her. He said he
was a Christian and knows he hasn't been living right. Carmen prayed with him and gave him a
bible to read. He was very grateful and was going to stay in touch with us. Please pray for this
young couple Daniel and Katelyn that they stay strong in their decision for life! 
Here is a little update on Travis and Ebony. This is the couple that lost one of their twin boys and
needs housing. They have been going to counseling to help them deal with the death of their two
month old son. Ebony hasn’t been back to work yet, Travis is working part time. They are on
many waiting lists to find housing; Stratford, Bridgeport, Waterbury and Derby.  They just put an
application for a shelter and a small apartment . Travis also needs a better job. He has
experience loading  in warehouses,  operating a fork lift, commercial paving, kitchen work,
barber skills, and basic computer skills.  (Bridgeport area). Frances’ s boyfriend Mike needs a job
in Waterbury. He has experience as a security guard, a cashier and a warehouse worker. If you
know of any jobs like these please let us know.
The National Event for Operation Save America will be help in Rochester, New York this year. It
will be hosted by Pastor Mike Warren and Jerry Crawford. The dates of this mission week is  July
24th – July 31st. That is a Wednesday to Wednesday. People from our area should take
advantage of this opportunity which is in driving distance. You can reserve your hotel room at :
Quality Inn Airport, 1273 Chili Ave. Rochester NY 14624, Phone: 585-464-8800.  Ask for OSA block, daily rate is $69. plus tax. Each room has a refrigerator and microwave; plus access to the pool and breakfast included.

NEEDS: umbrella stroller, diapers (4 & 5), wipes, Stop & Shop food cards, a vacuum cleaner and
an air conditioner. OSA-CT, 632 Merwin Ave Milford, CT 06460-3820 website:
www.osaconnecticut.webs.com  on Facebook too.

“Know  therefore that the Lord your God is God; keeping His covenant of love to a thousand
generations of those who love him and keep his commands.” Deuteronomy 7:9




February Street Report 2013

February 2013 Stats for Bridgeport:

82 surgical abortions, 2 babies saved
Total since 1990: 2257 babies saved, 407 salvations
This week abortions are Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, come pray 8 AM- 10 AM

at Summit 3787 Main St Bridgeport and

Saturday, come pray 8 AM- 10 AM

at Planned Parenthood 345 Whitney Ave New Haven


One of the Pastors that was praying at the Summit on Monday had the opportunity to go inside
the abortuary. He said it was a pretty cold place. He went in there with a Hispanic woman to find
out information.  He is praying and hoping she doesn't go back. Her friend that was with her was
six months pregnant. She wants her friend to have her baby and knows that abortion is wrong in
the eyes of God.

Inside Pastor served as an interpreter. There were two workers inside doing administrative work.
The first thing the Spanish lady asked was how much it would cost. Since she wasn't even two
months pregnant they told her it would cost $660. If she was further along it would cost more but
they didn't disclose how much. They told her the procedure would take 5-6 minutes, but she
would have to stay 3-4 hours. They took her name, telephone number, date of birth. They told her
that a Spanish nurse would be there on Saturdays and Fridays. She set an appointment to go
back on Saturday morning around 8:30. However, I don't think she will keep the appointment
because she had no money. PRAY.

They left and Pastor continued to talk to her outside on the sidewalk, he told her that he was a
pastor and why he was standing in front of the abortuary with a sign. He explained to her that
God had plans for her baby and that "all things were possible with God". She told him that a few
months ago she and her husband separated leaving her alone with her 10 year-old daughter. She
went to live with her brother. The man who got her pregnant (not her husband) doesn't want to
help her. She said that neither her husband nor brother knew that she was pregnant. She said
that if her brother found out that he would throw her and her daughter out of his house. He tried
to convince her that there were many other options for her baby and once again that God could
change people's hearts.

A brother in the Lord was standing out there with Pastor. He asked him to share his testimony
with the mom on how God saved his marriage. They have a blended family with children from
other relationships. They then prayed for her and she began to weep deeply. Her friend kept
supporting everything Pastor said to her. They also shared how people come out physically and
emotionally damaged from abortions. Pastor gave her his number and the number of a sister in
his church that has a ministry to help woman who have gone through crisis pregnancy situations
She didn't want to give him her number.

Pastor hasn’t heard from this pregnant mom. He told us to keep an eye out for her when we go
and minister on Saturday or other days that the abortion clinic is open, in case she decides to go
through with it. She is small in stature and in her mid-30's. Pastor also gave her Carmen's name
and number if she wanted to talk to somebody Hispanic before she went inside.
Pastor said he never thought he would set foot inside that place. But, God gave him peace to go
inside with her because he knew that the clinic was closed for abortions that day. It would also
open a door for him to talk further with her. Pastor continues to pray for the day when it would
be closed down forever. AMEN!
Two  Saturdays back a woman who was going into the clinic for an abortion came out and left
saying she will never go back there again because of the disgusting conditions! Let's pray for her
as well, that she will have the strength and courage to continue to choose life for her baby and
that the baby will be received in love.


“For this God is our God for ever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end.” Psalm 48:14
This is precious Tavian that was born on Dec 10th, one of the twin boys of Ebony and Travis. I
thank God for the time we had with this precious child. He died from a crib death (2/23) two
days after this photo was taken (2/21).  He is now alive in the arms of Jesus for all eternity.  For
those who want to support this grieving family, his memorial service will be held on Tuesday,
March 5 at 11 AM, at Mount Aery Baptist Church, 73 Frank St., Bridgeport CT. 

The grandfather of this little girl stopped by and thanked us for reaching out to his
daughter three years go! His daughter shared with him how she was planning to have
an abortion. As she was walking to the clinic one of the counselors outside talked with
her and gave her some literature and she got up and left the clinic.
He is a Christian and was very grateful that someone
was there to reach out to his daughter in her desperate need! He loves his
beautiful granddaughter Sofia!! His name is Craig, he is going to stay in touch with
us and talk to his daughter so we can meet them someday! To God is the glory!

Congratulations to Kelly & Isaac! As most of you probably know, Carmen’s daughter Kelly
Vazquez is getting married to Isaac Yoder on Saturday, March 9, in West Haven CT. Kelly and
Isaac met through Operation Save America National. Pastor Flip Benham, our national director,
will be coming to CT with his wife Faye on Thursday. He will be joining us Friday morning at the
Summit on 3787 Main St Bridgeport as we reach out with the gospel to moms who find themselves
where they should not be. Please join us between 8 AM- 10 AM that morning and after we can
have a time of fellowship.  Pastor Flip will also be speaking at Milford Christian Church on
Sunday morning, March 10th, 9:30 service. The address is 989 New Haven Ave Milford CT. Please
join us and tell your friends. Flip is an inspiring prophetic teacher of God’s word.




January Street Report 2013

January 2013 Stats for Bridgeport
97 abortions, 2 babies saved
Since 1990: 2255 babies saved, 407 salvations


This precious baby boy Jojuan was born Sunday, 2/3/13, he is 8 lbs, 10 oz. after many hours in labor!
The mother is so grateful that someone was there when she went to Planned Parenthood on June 2,
2012 and helped her to make the right decision for life! She is a happy mother now and has not stopped thanking us for all the help, support, and love she has received from the Body of Christ!!

This is one of the saved babies, Nathan, now two and a half months old. His brothers love him so much and so do mom and dad. He has made their family so blessed because he is here.


We had a blessed time in Jackson, Mississippi with over  100 prolife brothers and sisters from all over the United States spoke with one voice for the unborn on the 40th anniversary of Roe V Wade.  The States of Refuge Events are held in states that have only one abortion mill. It is our hope that one of these states will become abortion free and set a precedent in our nation. The Jackson Women’s Health Organization is close to shutting down. Above, on the left, we are at the capital having a memorial service for Baby Daniel, an aborted baby.  On the right, Fr Pavone from Priests for Life and Beverly McMillan,a  former Mississippi abortionist, were there to stand for life.  Below is the abortion mill, all dressed up like a party store with pop music blaring. This is a prime example of how the enemy deceives. In the last days the scriptures say evil will be portrayed as good and good portrayed as evil.  

NEEDS OF THE MINISTRY: diapers, wipes and Stop & Shop food cards, Enfamil formula.
OSA-CT, 632 Merwin Ave. Milford CT 06460-3820

While Carmen and I were in Mississippi Al, Danny and Amber held a Roe Memorial event in Bridgeport. About 40 people came. We were blessed to have the mounted police. Amber Trawick led the worship. Pastor Hector, Pastor Trawick, Pastor Tyler, Pastor Pedro, Pastor Loomer, Danny Carroll, and Ilka Molnar spoke.  Al Vazquez was the master of ceremonies. A breakfast followed at Toaster’s next door to the Summit.  As usual, Jan. 22 is one of the coldest days of the year in CT!

The Rutherfords were grateful for all your donations and were able to purchase a mini-van. When Carmen and I told Brenda the news she burst into tears. Brenda and Ron are truly appreciative and thank all of you. A thank you note from Ron and Brenda with a picture of the kids in the van will follow.

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