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Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Stats for September 27 - December 6, 2017

5 saved babies, 1 Salvation

ALL THE GLORY GOES TO JESUS! We thank Him for every life!

We are all blessed to co-labor with Him!

Totals since 1990= 2424 babies saved, 432 salvations

This is the newest baby born into the ministry. Arianna Grace, born 11/7/17 weighing 9lbs. 2 oz

A baby boy is due in four weeks to another mom. We are getting all their needs ready now. PTL!

This is Sacred, now 6 months old & Samantha is 3 months old.

Here below is a collage of some of the toddlers in the ministry:

Bradsley, Nasir, McKensie all one year old.

 Logan, Dakota, Diego all two years old.

Here are some of the older children:

Joshua 4, Rebecca 5, Nathan 5

Jayla & Jayden 6, Diana 6, Blake 8

These are some of the teens:

Destin 14, Hillary 16, Dionte 18, PTL!

NEEDS: We have a mom that needs a studio apartment in New Haven for $650. - $700., not including utilities. Also we need four dressers, three twin bed mattresses & box springs and two beds, clean and good condition. If anyone has a truck we always need help moving furniture. The number one reason moms go for abortions is because they are homeless. So we help them find homes and get furniture. We also would like to give Christmas gifts to some of the needy children so if you are interested in getting something let me know. We are out on the front lines at the abortion mill three days a week Wed. Fri. Sat. 8:15-10 AM, Planned Parenthood Headquarters for New England, 345 Whitney Ave. New Haven , pleading for the lives of innocent babies that are sentenced to die. You all are our supply line. We covet your prayers and we are grateful for your support. Come join us anytime. The more people and prayers the stronger the power of God against the enemy of our soul.

Stats for April-September 2017
Two saved babies born (July, August)
12 babies saved since April, 3 Salvations
Totals since 1990= 2419 babies saved, 431 salvations

This young mom went for an abortion when she was 21 weeks pregnant Through the grace of God she changed her mind. God opened her eyes. Her baby was born at Bridgeport Hospital. We brought her to the hospital and were there for the baby's birth.  Now this family has five children under the age of four. We have helped them with all the baby needs and household items and toys and rides and anything we can do for them. We are holding furniture for them because they are waiting to get a four bedroom house. We are looking for one now, they have section 8. Please pray we find the right house for them. They attend one of our church services on Sunday. They are so happy to have their baby! Below are two photos of this precious one!
August 31st baby Kinsley was born at Griffin Hospital. She weighed 7.6 lbs. and was 20 inches long. She has three siblings. The mom was sick through the whole pregnancy and is on disability from an accident at work. After the baby she has still been sick so please pray for her. She said she would come to church as soon as she feels better. The father is looking for a marketing job. Pray he finds the right job. We have paid huge utility bills for them, we got them food, clothes, all the baby needs, clothes, diapers, crib, everything. They are very grateful for all the help and love their baby.  Below are photos of Kinsley and her family.
Another mom that lives in New Haven is due to have her baby boy in October. She needs a two bedroom apartment for $800. a month. Please help us find one, its not easy.
Another mom is due to have a girl Nov 18. She lives in New York now but we still keep in touch and send her things. She is attending church there through some referrals and prompting. 
Another mom we met at the clinic June 30 is due to have a baby boy January 6. She was in a battered woman shelter and her 8 yr old daughter was taken away.  The mom and dad of the baby have attended church a few times. We have helped her with clothes for her and her daughter. The baby's father came with us  to a picnic at our pastors house. Please pray that God will restore what the enemy has stolen from them. Pray for their walk with God and pray the dad gets a better job. She starts a new office job this week.
A mom that changed her mind on Sept 8 has a heart condition and was sleeping on the floor. We brought her a new bed, mattress and box spring a few days later. This week we brought her a nice loveseat. She was really blessed. She also has been attending church the last two weeks. Her and her mom received salvation this week! Her heart doctor is trying to persuade her to abort the baby. We need to find a prolife heart specialist. Please pray and advise if you know of any.
Another family that changed their minds and had a baby boy in the Spring just got a house after living in a shelter for three years! The baby is their third boy. They come to church on Sundays. They are so happy and blessed. We helped them with all the baby needs, food, clothes, and furniture for their new house. They are very grateful.
Another mom that changed her mind a few years ago and we have been helping got married to the baby's dad and we had the honor to go to the wedding. The baby is now four and was in the wedding. He is the fourth son in their family. They come to church sometimes. We have helped them with anything possible, furniture, appliances, car fixing, clothes, food etc. etc. God always provides. We are so blessed to see them happy and doing well! Below is the dashing young man and a picture of the wedding party.

There are so many stories but this is enough to give you a better idea of what we do with the grace of God! Thanks and God bless all of you for all your help!
NEEDS: diapers newborn, 1, 5 and wipes. We need men's pants size 34x30 for one of the pre-teen boys and size 8 boy clothes too. Also if you have a truck to help us move furniture or are strong to help us carry it occasionally we need help. A lot of people going for abortions are homeless so a huge part of our ministry is to help them find housing and get them furniture. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH! WE CANNOT DO THIS ALONE. YOU ARE OUR SUPPLY LINE in this battle for life.

We are on the front lines at Planned Parenthood 3 mornings a week; Wed., Fri., and Sat. (345 Whitney Ave New Haven) 8:15-10 AM Come join us.

Stats for January-March 2017
188 Surgical Abortions, 3 babies saved
Planned Parenthood, New Haven

Little Miracle girls born in CT: 

 Luri 3/13/17 at Yale NH Hospital, 8 lbs.

Little Miracle girls born in CT: 

Sacred  3/19/17 at St Raphael Hospital, 6 lbs, 15 oz

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