Operation Save America - CT

Psalm 139:14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

November-December 2016
2404 BABIES SAVED & 427 SALVATIONS since 1990
We thank the Lord and give Jesus all the glory!

In July, 2016 we met Kerry & Robert at PP and they were homeless with two toddler boys. They did not want to bring another baby into their hopeless situation. We reached out to them with the love of Christ and promise to help them. After praying for them and encouraging them to choose life we took them out for breakfast. During the time we were in the restaurant having breakfast they received a phone call from the New Haven shelter home, letting them know they had a room for them. They had been on a waiting list. That was an instant answer to prayer! Praise the Lord!
That same week we made an appointment for Kerry to go to Hopeline for an ultrasound of her baby .She was able to see her baby and was thrilled she was having another boy!
I invited them to come visit our church, Promise Land in West Haven. After attending the Sunday service, they were so happy that they came. They felt the love of God's people encouraging them and helping them with food, clothes and Sunday school for their two boys. They continued coming to church afterwards and they were always on time at the early church service at 9:00 am. They gave their lives to Christ during a church service in August.
In October, 2016 Kerry went into labor and had a beautiful healthy boy name Josiah, a biblical name!
During her hospital stay she received another phone call from a Christian Community Action (CCA) that offered them a fully furnish apartment! God's hand was on Robert & Kerry for choosing life and trusting Him in their hopeless situation!! The same organization is going to help Robert find a full time job so he can take care of his family. Robert & Kerry have been so thankful and grateful with all the love and support they have received from the ministry that stood by them in their time of need. We marvel at the awesomeness of what God has done in transforming this couple's lives!! We give God all the Glory!
As we labor at Planned Parenthood we know God loves people. We, the church, need to be there on the days they are doing abortions to reach the lost, the hurting and the needy. Matthew 25:40 "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me." Please come and join us in "2017" the year of our Lord and see how God will use you to make a difference in people's lives by praying, holding a life sign or witnessing to the moms. Thank you!!
(We are there Wednesday, Friday and Saturday between 8-10 AM. 345 Whitney Ave. New Haven)

We are in the process of helping a teen mom who is due in March. She will need our assistance.
We want to thank all those that gave to make Christmas possible for needy moms and their precious children. "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to care for the fatherless and widows in their affliction. “James 1:27 

OSA-CT NEEDS: we need a twin and full mattress, new or good condition.
Mailing address: 632 Merwin Ave Milford CT 06460-3820
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Three miracle babies were born in October! Maria’s baby girl, Brashly, was born October 13 at Bridgeport Hospital, weighed 8lbs.2oz.  Valencia & Nathan’s baby boy, Mazikyah, was born October 15 at Yale NH Hospital, weighed 8lbs. 1.1oz.  Kerry & Robert’s baby boy, Josiah, was born October 22 at St Raphael’s Hospital, weighed 8lbs. 6oz.

Barrie, Asia  & Wendee help moms with  older siblings while in the hospital having their babies.

Three moms are moved into new apartments this month. This is Jeff & Ed helping Hemelinda move into a 3rd floor apartment along with Laura G.cleaning the kitchen. Also  Wendee, Gio, Darwin, Vivian, Al, & Danny. Thank God for everyone helping this single mom! She was in tears thanking everyone for all the love and support from the body of Christ.   
This is Robert and Kerry's new place with their 3 sons! This is one of the families God provided for!!! They are so very grateful too!!! Thank you Jesus!!

During the OSA-Regional Event three moms and one dad that changed their minds and chose life at Planned Parenthood and Summit gave their testimonies on how God has changed their lives in so many ways and they are so grateful for the Body of Christ! It is beautiful to see how Jesus transforms their lives! (Tironda, Carmen, Marilyn, Frances, Robert & Kerry, Carmen) 


Needs: stackable washer & dryer, couch, kitchen/dining room chairs, queen or full bed and mattress, large area rug, toaster oven, twin quilts, blankets,  baby carrier for mom’s chest, diapers size 1,3,4,5,6 & wipes. Also a mom needs a babysitting or senior sitting job, another mom due to have her baby Dec 3 needs a 1 bedroom apartment in Bridgeport-New Haven area $600.-$700. a month. Thank you to everyone that helps. We cannot do this alone and appreciate each and every one that supports us in so many ways.
God bless you all.

OSA-CT Regional Event Report

Our OSA-CT Regional Event started Wednesday night Sept. 21 at Milford Christian Church, Pastor Loomer is the pastor there. We appreciate him very much for helping us make this event happen. He is the only pastor that comes to Planned Parenthood (PP) in New Haven weekly to take a public stand against abortion. There were around 100 people at the church rally.

Jason Storms spoke on why public school is not good for children. Chet Gallagher, assistant to Rusty, spoke about the Word in Warfare we were doing in New Haven. He taught that biblical warfare uses the name of Jesus and gives high praises to God. The name of the Lord is a strong fortress (Prov.18:10). We planned our WW dynamic public reading in strategic spots of New Haven including PP, Yale University, State and Federal Courts and the New Haven Green. We defeat the enemy by taking dominion. Biblical results come through repentance, removing high places, repairing, reviving, rebuilding, recommitting and restoring. We are Christians not protestors. We go to the abortion mills because we love our neighbors.
morning Sept 22 we went to Hillhouse High School in New Haven with the Gospel and the truth about abortion. The police and school security knew we were coming. A couple of police gave our lawyer a hard time, but he won out. Some of the staff took the literature from students but we believe many of them kept it.  

 After the high school outreach, a few of us went to Planned Parenthood, others went to different venues. The parking lot on Thursdays is usually full but this day it was scarce. Praise God! Three cars went in with abortion clients. Pastor Dale spoke to them all and they all left, We got the contact info from one. Her name is Georgette, please pray for her.

About 65 people came to lunch at Promiseland Church. They hosted the lunches for three days! Each day a different church made the food. Thank you Promiseland, Milford Christian Church and Christ the Redeemer! The food was great! Everybody worked together to make this event happen. Thanks to all of you that prayed! Your prayers were answered.
Thursday night Rusty spoke about Genesis 1:14.Let there be light in America, she is lost in her demise. Homosexuality and innocent blood are the two big things God will judge our nation on. Andrew Street challenged us to be lovers of hospitality, that's the best way to evangelize! His family has a ministry in India and they live there most of the time. Ante spoke on how the Lord wants us to travail and be broken by what's going on around us. We can't let entertainment take us away from prayer.

Ante read the heartfelt mature notes a 7 year old boy, Zion, wrote to God. We must teach our kids to have a relationship with Jesus! Ante also covered the Christian history our state of Connecticut has. “America's Providential History” is a good book to get about this subject. We have to plead with God like Abraham did. The Holy Spirit was so strong in this service that many kneeled in repentance for the state of our nation. We asked God to create in us a clean heart for we are staggering under the blood guilt. God is looking to dwell in our hearts (Psalm 51:10-19).
This was the theme song for our event. :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21wnkLiPZY0
Friday morning everyone went to PP again. We did Word in Warfare. We passed out literature to people going into PP. We made a public statement that abortion is murder and the killing of innocent babies made in the image of God. About ten o'clock we left to go to the New Haven Green with signs, literature and Word in Warfare. Another team went to Southern CT State University lead by Jason Storms.   
We had many good conversations. Students shook their hands and thanked them. Christian students were convicted that they were not reading their Bibles and going to church and would get back to it. Those that were unbelievers said they were seriously thinking about repenting and making Jesus their Lord and Savior! The next session of students and teachers Jason addressed also. One girl was trying to cause a disturbance and the police told her if any didn't like what they were saying to leave. Jeff talked to one young man for an hour and a half and exchanged phone numbers and Jeff invited him to church. PTL! 

A young mom in the PP neighborhood told us that she has been crying out to God to do something about the death mill and she was so blessed to see all the saints there. She came to lunch, we all prayed for her and she said she is going to join us, PTL!          
"On Friday, Sept 23 around 2:30 PM we had a rally in front of the New Haven Police Dept to honor the police and deliver a message, As Christians we let them know they have no greater base of love, support, and honor as they perform their duty as peace officers. We let them know we are praying for them. Rusty delivered a prophetic message and beseeched the police to rise up and demand all governors of each state call a special session to outlaw abortion and allow the police to shut down any death camp in their jurisdiction. Peace will never return to America as long as our country protects violence in the womb.         
Friday night, the people were really moved by two moms who gave their testimony, Rusty spoke about the offering of Cain and the paradym shift to end abortion. Pat Nicarado, director and writer of the pro life movie VOICELESS, spoke at our rally. http://search.aol.com/aol/video?q=trailor+for+voicless+the+movie&s_it=video-ans&sfVid=true&videoId=E0BE219D41ACA03749FBE0BE219D41ACA03749FB&v_t=client97_searchbox. This movie is about a church that gets involved in pro life ministry that is right across the street of an abortion clinic. Its about being a true servant and how God saved us for the world, not from the world. Because of Susan’s courage to stand and say "How can we get it here in CT?" many people signed up to help. We will be having a private viewing on Friday October 28, and it will be open to the public Saturday Oct 29 at a centrally located AMF theatre in CT (Southington or Plainville). We will have 250 tickets to sell at $10. @. If you are interested contact me. We are also getting five minutes before and after Saturday night's showing to speak about OSA-CT if people want to get involved! God is awesome! Rusty Thomas helped with the story, his booklet is a catalyst in this movie, and he even has a small part. PTL! We are so excited about this!         
On Saturday, Sept 24, the whole group went to Planned Parenthood again. Then after ten we went over to the courthouse to hold the Ecclesiastical Court. The church of Jesus Christ is a lawful government authority instituted by God. We came to hold the federal courts and Supreme Court accountable before the Court of Almighty God. Courts cannot make laws! In fact, we hold them in contempt of the Court before whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. We addressed the several rulings pronounced by the courts of America that has banned God from the public life of our nation. They have codified evil into law, and invoked the wrath of God upon our perverse and blood stained nation.
On Saturday night, another mom gave her testimony. Praise the Lord! Then Rusty spoke on how we want to establish justice by completely abolishing abortion! We need to rowdy the lesser magistrates to defend the preborn.

Rusty and Dale introduced us to a new song, The Sin of Silence: this song is sung to the melody of the Sound of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. These are the words: Hello Jesus my best friend, come to pray with you again Cause delusion strongly sweeping Left its tares in men that were sleeping And your mission that was planted in my brain Still remains: Confront the sin of silence. In troubling sins that vexed my soul No one cared I walked alone Yet your word acting as a lamp Guided me from the enemy's camp And my eyes once blinded was pierced by your holy light That split the night. Disturb the sin of silence. In brilliant light I saw, Enclaved masses from the Fall People existing without living People hearing without listening People singing songs, that nations never cared And no one dared Disturb the sin of silence Fools said, "God You do not know" The silence like a cancer grows Hear God's word that He might Teach you Take His arms that might reach you But His Words like blood sweat drops fell And echoed in the hell of silence And the people bowed and prayed To the neon gods they made And the truth flashed out its warning And the words that it was forming And the sign said The words of the prophets are written on the sacred scrolls on countless souls And thundered the end of silence.


Sunday, Sept 25   We finished Word in Warfare (public reading through the Bible) at PP as we all read the Book of Revelation. Rusty spoke at Calvary Life Church in Cheshire CT (my church). He delivered a powerful message on the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate. America needs to be good if it wants to be great again! Ezekiel.22:27-31 is a calling of God which causes one to step into the gap ,Operation Rescue, the first time Americans pointed its finger to ourselves. The blood of the babies is on our hands. Jesus Christ is the perfect example of interposition. (Rom.13:1-4) Oppose and resist edicts from the higher authority of God's commandments, which are the infrastructure of reality. Jesus said, Fall on me and be broken. Punish evil doers, protect good. Who defines with is good and what is evil? You cannot separate Gods commands from His character Isaiah 5:20 - Good becomes evil and tyranny becomes good, Say "NO!" Divine law trumps human law. Our pastors and our congregation loved this teaching and we will be putting it on national TV!  CDs ,DVDs and books will be available. Rally teachings, the Ecclesiastical Court and the Support Police rally will be on YouTube soon.
We still have the T-shirts in CT, Dale told me we can sell more before we send the box back. If anyone wants to buy any they are $10. each and many different patterns. 

So many people were blessed at this event, these are a few of the comments: Bless God!
William Brown - WOW! What a great preach by Rusty Thomas today at the Calvary Church in Cheshire! Best I've heard in CT this year as Rusty expounded on WHEN its the Christian's DUTY to INTERPOSE on Beastly Federal Governments which violate and contradict the laws and Word of GOD! JESUS CHRIST on the Cross was the BEST EXAMPLE of ALL history, intervening between the Victimizer and their Victims!

Cynthia Guastaferri - I was so blessed by this week's events! Standing for God, His principles and for the lives of the unborn has brought me into a deeper relationship with Christ. A new fire has ignited in my heart and soul and I will continue to be unshaken in the face of adversity as God pours His courage, strength, heart and life into me!

Zack Morgan: Waiting for my flight at JFK and reflecting about the events of this last week. I am beyond impressed and thankful for the ministry of OSA and their caliber of leadership and ministry. The level of fellowship, camaraderie, guidance, operation and so much more exceeded all my expectations. We spent about 4 days of intense and fruitful evangelism in multiple venues: college campuses, abortion clinics, downtown locations, parks, and as we traveled, ate, and everywhere in between. This is a ministry of battle conditioned saints who've been fighting for the lives of the pre-born, the souls of the lost, and the reformation of our nation FOR DECADES. I can't tell you how excited and highly privileged I am to come serve under and with these amazing folks. I'm praying for each of them and excited until we meet again to serve and glorify our Great God!

Barrie Rowe:
As I start this week, my soul is so filled by last weeks OSA visitation here to CT. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit and how I was able to witness the abundance of favor is something I will never forget!!!!!!! It was a FAMILY of God reunion!!!!!!! I love all of you!!!!! May the seeds take root and minds and hearts for God and the pre-born forever be changed!!!!! Praise Be To God!!!!!!!!!

Mary: Marilyn event was wonderful. Just read that Judy Tabar the CEO of PPSNE is retiring!!

Frances: I had an amazing experience last night thank you for pushing me to go. A man there gave me $500 I couldn't believe it that's exactly how much I needed to be all caught up with my bills, I didn't know it was that much money when he gave it to me in the envelope but when I saw what it was I was completely overwhelmed with so many emotions but couldn't help but smile because God did that and he is so good to me even when I fail him he still provides for me and the boys.


OSA Regional Event Schedule

Final Schedule for OSA-CT Regional Event

Sept 21 Wednesday, 6:30 PM Rally/Service at Milford Christian Church, 989 New Haven Ave Milford.

Sept 22 Thursday,6:30 AM Meet at Hampton Inn, 129 Plains Rd Milford
7:00-8:15 AM Hillhouse High School, 480 Sherman Pkwy, New Haven
8:00-11:30 AM Bible Reading (Word in Warfare) PP 345 Whitney Ave, New Haven Green, Church St, Yale, State Courthouse, 121 Elm St.
12 noon Lunch at Promiseland Church, 240 Burwell St, West Haven
1:45-2;30PM PM Hillhouse High School, 480 Sherman Pkwy, New Haven
6:30 PM Rally/Service at Milford Christian Church, 989 New Haven Ave, Milford

Sept 23 Friday
7:00 AM Meet at Hampton Inn, Milford
8:00-11:30 AM Bible Reading (WW) PP, New Haven Green, Yale, Courthouse,
12:00 noon Lunch at PromiseLand Church, 240 Burwell St West Haven
1:30 PM Support our Police Rally/ Main Police Station New Haven
6:30 PM Rally/Service at Milford Christian Church, 989 New Haven Ave. Milford

Sept 24th Saturday
7:00 AM Meet at Hampton Inn, Milford
8:00-10:30 AM Bible reading (WW) PP, New Haven Green, Yale, Courthouse
10:30 AM Ecclesiastical Court at the state courthouse in New Haven, 131 Elm St,New Haven
12 Noon Lunch at Promiseland Church, 240 Burwell St, West Haven
6:30 PM Rally/Service at Milford Christian Church, 989 New Haven Ave. Milford

Sept 25 Sunday                                                                                                                                    7:30 AM Reading the book of Revelation at PP 345 Whitney Ave, New Haven

10:00 AM Reverend Rusty Thomas - National Director of OSA                                                                       Speaking at Calvary Life Church, 174 East Johnson Rd Cheshire

Any questions inbox Marilyn Danny Carroll on Facebook

Operation Rescue National/Operation Save America  Regional Event


Operation Rescue National/Operation Save America
Regional Event
Connecticut, Sept. 21-25, 2016

Greetings to all our brothers and sisters in the Lord,

This letter represents your personal invitation to attend the OSA-CT regional event in New Haven, CT and surrounding areas scheduled for September 21-25, 2016. If you are a pastor or leader this letter of invitation also applies to your congregation and/or organization.  

On the dates indicated OSA-CT will be hosting the first ever regional event in CT in conjunction with Operation Rescue National/Operation Save America. After a 25 year long battle to end abortion in Bridgeport, victory finally came. Immediately the OSA-CT saints moved to the next battlefront; and joined forces with the pro-life brothers and sisters at the Southern New England Headquarters of Planned Parenthood death camp in New Haven. Although the pro-life saints at Planned Parenthood have made progress, the Planned Parenthood site in New Haven continues to be hard ground which needs to be broken up until this death camp is no more! 
This will be an exciting and historic event! The following represents just a portion of the planned activities: (see attachment for schedule of events).
Word in Warfare (reading through the entire Bible at selected sites) 
Planned Parenthood (ministering team, Word in Warfare) 
High School Outreach (ministering to the students concerning abortion and abstinence)
New Haven Green (evangelizing teams at the green daily, Word in Warfare)
Yale Campus (youth/young adult campus ministry team led by Jason Storm)
Nightly rallies (praise and worship, dynamic OSA speakers scheduled nightly)
Lunch will be provided each day
This is an exciting opportunity to come out and lift up the name of Jesus in New Haven, CT and surrounding areas. Purpose in your heart to attend the entire event or as many events as you are able. Please plan to join us as we storm the gates of hell in Jesus name!!!!
May God Richly Bless You,
The OSA –CT Leadership Team
Danny and Marilyn Carroll    
Al and Carmen Vazquez

“Sow for yourselves righteousness; Reap in mercy; Break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord, till He comes and rains righteousness on you” (Hosea 10:12).
Connecticut, Sept. 21-25, 2016

 Greetings to all our brothers and sisters in the Lord,

 This letter represents your personal invitation to attend the OSA-CT regional event in New Haven, CT and surrounding areas scheduled for September 21-25, 2016. If you are a pastor or leader this letter of invitation also applies to your congregation and/or organization. 

 On the dates indicated OSA-CT will be hosting the first ever regional event in CT in conjunction with Operation Rescue National/Operation Save America. After a 25 year long battle to end abortion in Bridgeport, victory finally came. Immediately the OSA-CT saints moved to the next battlefront; and joined forces with the pro-life brothers and sisters at the Southern New England Headquarters of Planned Parenthood death camp in New Haven. Although the pro-life saints at Planned Parenthood have made progress, the Planned Parenthood site in New Haven continues to be hard ground which needs to be broken up until this death camp is no more!

This will be an exciting and historic event! The following represents just a portion of the planned activities: (see attachment for schedule of events).

·         Word in Warfare (reading through the entire Bible at selected sites)

·         Planned Parenthood (ministering team, Word in Warfare)

·         High School Outreach (ministering to the students concerning abortion and abstinence)

·         New Haven Green (evangelizing teams at the green daily, Word in Warfare)

·         Yale Campus (youth/young adult campus ministry team led by Jason Storm)

·         Nightly rallies (praise and worship, dynamic OSA speakers scheduled nightly)

·         Lunch will be provided each day

This is an exciting opportunity to come out and lift up the name of Jesus in New Haven, CT and surrounding areas. Purpose in your heart to attend the entire event or as many events as you are able. Please plan to join us as we storm the gates of hell in Jesus name!!!!

May God Richly Bless You,

The OSA –CT Leadership Team

Danny and Marilyn Carroll      

Al and Carmen Vazquez


“Sow for yourselves righteousness; Reap in mercy; Break up your fallow ground, for it is time to seek the Lord, till He comes and rains righteousness on you” (Hosea 10:12).

OSA-CT May-July Ministry Report
Operation Save America - CT
May- 99 surgical abortions, 1 baby saved
June - 70 surgical abortions, 6 babies saved
July - 48 surgical abortions, 1 baby saved
Totals since 1990: 2397 babies saved
422 salvations

These are babies born in the ministry. On June 8th, baby boy Aiden 7 lbs, 6 oz and on June 10th baby girl Ja'lei, 7 lbs, 4 oz. The two moms are doing well. PTL!!

Mom due in October, she is excited she is having another girl!!

This mom is having a baby boy and It's her first baby. She has rededicated her life to Christ!! Reaching these moms for the Lord is the most important thing we do in this ministry and disciplining them. Covering them in prayer!! The enemy would of love to have had their babies! God help us in America!! 

Here is baby Monty, he just turned 1 year old on July 26th! He is so loved by his three older brothers.
Needs: Food cards from Shop Rite or STOP &SHOP for needy moms and
diapers sizes 4 and 5 for the babies. Thank you very much.

OSA-CT, 632 Merwin Ave Milford CT 06460-3820
Please join us every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday on the streets near Planned Parenthood, 345 Whitney Ave New Haven, CT from 8 AM- 10 AM as we reach out to those who find themselves where they should not be. Come pray, hold a sign or pass out literature. Just show up and see what GOD will do! Proverbs 24:10-12


OSA-CT March-April Ministry Report


2389 Babies saved since 1990
420 salvations since 1990
PP New Haven CT
March 2016 - 8 babies saved
               1 salvation 
April 2016 - 2 babies saved
March & April - 185 surgical abortions 

This young couple changed their minds this past March at Planned Parenthood.
They were very happy that someone was there to counsel them to
choose life! They came to visit Promiseland Church in WH. Vivian, one of our
sidewalk counselors has taken them under her wings. Helping them
with doctor visits, job opportunities and disciplining them for Christ! Her
baby is due in September. God is good!!

Veronica, also one of the sidewalk counselors that has been helping a new
teenage mother who is undecided if she is going to keep her baby or
give her baby up for adoption. She is due to have a baby boy in June and we covet
your prayers for this 15 year old mother who choose to give her baby
life and not death!! It took courage for her to do the right thing! To God be the Glory!!

 This is Miriam our young teenage mother and her son Logan, 7 months. old. With the help of her Aunt Gladys she is finishing her High School in Stratford. Miriam has been attending bible studies at Promise Land Church and has made Jesus Lord of her life in March!! PTL!  We always stand by all our moms throughout their lives and it has been so amazing and rewarding to see how God transforms their life into something beautiful!!! They all have their  story to tell!! Amazing Grace!!

Diego (8 months old) and Monty (9 months old) two saved babies(the chair in the back was donated and the mom loves it to rock & feed her baby). Diego in his walker that someone donated also.


Tonight we are picking up a nice bedroom set someone donated and bringing it to a little girl that was a saved baby. We try to help anyway we can, we helped fix a car, getting clothes and diapers. Bringing them to church. We are so grateful for all the supplies and donations we receive for the moms and babies. We cannot do this alone. God bless you everyone.
Please join us at 345 Whitney Ave. New Haven as we reach out to moms who find themselves where they should not be. We are there Wed. Fri. Sat. 8:15 AM- 10:00 AM. We are making a public stand in our community against killing babies by praying, passing out literature and trying to persuade moms to keep their child because we can help them with so many resources.

   A note from Pastor Hoyt: One of your recent news letter made tribute to "Stan" who ministered solo in front of the Summit clinic many years ago in Bridgeport. I read the story as part of my sermon about "One Can Make a Difference" and at the end of my sermon a women who visits our church every once in a while immediately approached me and testified that Stan spoke to her each time she went for an abortion (I think 3 times). Her children are now grown, with children (teenagers) and she admits that they are the joy of her life. She told me she thinks of that man (Stan) often and is so grateful that he was there demanding that she turn around and go away. She said it was hard raising her children on her own but The Lord always made a way for her and was so happy that Stan was there to turn her away. I needed to tell you this as an encouragement to continued on in your calling. Blessings to you all in the name of Jesus

OSA-CT Jan.-Feb. Ministry Report


January-February 2016

Surgical Abortions at PP - 180

Babies Saved - 3


Two healthy baby girls born in Bridgeport from our ministry: Ashley born on January 15,9 lbs. 6 oz. 21 1/2 " and Kaylee born February 21, 7 lbs. 14 oz. 21" !  To God be the glory!

Monty (7 months old)                  Nasir (3 months old)


Katie (7 yrs old)            Diego (6 months old)


These three moms, Hemelinda, Chantel, and Nimia dedicated their babies to the Lord on Sunday, Feb. 21st at Promise Land Church in West Haven. These moms are consistent in church
attendance including bible studies on Wednesday nights! They have a place they can call "my church." It's awesome to see how God is transforming their lives!! Being a single mom is not easy, but with the out

pouring of love and acceptance from the Body of Christ they know they are not alone. We are so grateful for all of God's people that have encouraged, given and supported this ministry. Blessings to you all!!

 One hundred and sixty-two abortion clinics have closed in the last five years. This is the fastest rate of abortion mill closures since Roe V Wade was passed in 1973. Please pray for the Supreme Court case being heard tomorrow (March 2) in oral arguments in Whole Womens's Health v. Hellerstedt. The case is brought by Whole Women's Health abortion chain to challenge the Texas law that has shut down many abortuaries there. If this case wins, the doors will open for other states to follow suit and shut down more abortion mills. We are trusting God to intervene as we repent of our nation's sin of abortion and storm the gates of Heaven with our prayers to protect all unborn children by law. 

We would like to have an OSA regional event in New Haven sometime soon. Please pray that God would work out all the details for this to happen. We would like to read through the whole Bible through "Word in Warfare" to break up the hard ground near Planned Parenthood's Southern CT Headquarters and Yale University. 

NEEDS: we need size 4 diapers, pull-ups, a pack & play and two car seats for babies outgrowing infant car seats. OSA-CT, 632 Merwin Ave Milford CT 06460-3820
Operation Save America's 2016 Leadership Conference
Wednesday, February 3

Operation Save America's National Director, Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, began the OSA leadership week with ministry. He had the honor of preaching at Family Christian Fellowship in Hazen, Arkansas, home church to OSA's leadership conference host, Allen Childress. Rev. Thomas sermon was entitled, "Journey into the Battle."

He explained how God broke his heart and opened his eyes to abortion while watching the graphic abortion images on the prolife documentary, Massacre of Innocence. According to Rev. Thomas, he "was completely undone." It was his "Isaiah 6" moment. Within days of viewing the movie, Rev. Thomas saw news coverage of Christians being arrested for protecting babies during the Atlanta, GA Democratic Convention in 1988. The following week a fellow pastor, Ed Martin, knocked on the door of his church and invited him to participate. According to Rev. Thomas, "This was the three-fold witness that God used to recruit me into the battle for the souls of men, the lives of children, and the future of our nation."

Allen Childress reported that three members of his church approached him after the service. They promised to join him to help make Arkansas the first surgical abortion free state in America. Praise God for the increase.

Thursday, February 4

Thursday afternoon marked the official start to OSA's 2016 Leadership Conference. During the afternoon, an effectual door was opened on Newsradio 102.9, a talk station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Doc Washburn (big brother of former rescuer Joe Washburn) hosts a radio show. His show immediately follows Rush Limbaugh. It was a perfect time slot to promote to the locals Operation Save America's vision and mission. Washburn interviewed Allen's sons, Lucas and Levi Childress, and Rev. Thomas for two segments. The men shared the gospel of the kingdom and then exhorted listeners to enter the battle to end the American holocaust. Washburn kindly promoted our websites, the leadership sessions, and the street ministry.

During the three day conference, OSA leader Johnny Brekeen drove OSA's "truth truck" throughout the city of Little Rock. Billboard size vinyl panels attached to the side of the truck presented the graphic truth of abortion, The Ten Commandments, and the merciful gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition to the "truth truck," OSA commissioned two more portable banners. The new banners were attached to trailers. The first sign read, "The Wages of Sin is Death," right next to a picture of the aborted baby, Malachi. The second sign read, "The gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ," right next to a picture of a live baby. For our national event in July, we are going to use the same Scripture reference to create two more contrasting signs. The first will read, "This is what a nation looks like that honors God's Commandments," with a picture of a live baby next to the text. The second will read, "This is what a nation looks like that violates God's Commandments," with the picture of Malachi next to the text.
 New OSA Sign

Thursday evening began the first of the leadership sessions. Approximately 60-70 people attended OSA's 2016 Leadership Conference. It was held at the Gym in Devalls Bluff, Arkansas. The large, beautifully restored building houses a food pantry, an outreach to the homeless, and a gymnasium for disenfranchised youth. The Gym's van transported leaders to ministry venues.

Allen Childress and his lovely wife, Brenda, took care of all the meals. The smoked pulled pork sandwiches and various sides left little room for dessert; but when Pastor Dale Sochia from Louisiana presented Louisiana's famous King Cake, everyone seemed to find just enough stomach space for coffee and dessert.

Following dinner, Allen Childress performed a heartbreaking song he wrote on abortion and Pastor Dale led worship. Rev. Thomas ended the evening session with a pastoral message. In an effort to encourage and equip the leaders.  He taught on "Longevity in the Battle: Avoiding the Pitfalls, Snares, and Traps of the Enemy."

Friday, February 5

In the morning, the "school team" led by OSA's Campus Outreach Leader, Jason Storms, went to Lonoke High School. When the team first arrived, the high school was empty. They pulled their vehicle to the side of the high school as they wondered what to do. Within seconds, ten school buses parked behind them. As students streamed out, the team was able to pass out hundreds of gospel, prolife tracts. The students were eager to accept them. According to the team, not one student rejected the handouts. From there, they headed to the University of Arizona in Little Rock. The team passed out more tracts, engaged students, and were asked to leave by security due to lack of permit.

OSA leader and missionary, Cal Zastrow, from Michigan, led the "truth team." His team held signs at busy intersections that revealed the truth of abortion. They also handed out tracts to drivers and pedestrians.

The "rescue team" ministered the gospel outside Little Rock Family Planning. Despite the frigid temperatures, clinic workers turned garden sprinklers on so forcibly that water jumped the fence and soaked those on the sidewalk, the elderly, the infirmed, the children, and the women with strollers. When the water and cold didn't dissuade the Christians, clinic staff called the police. Two police cruisers with four officers arrived. The police ordered that the sound system be shut down. The team complied. But then the police ordered that the Christians could not PREACH with a loud VOICE, under threat of arrest. Upon hearing the unconstitutional demand (and in order to bring a test case before the courts) Chet Gallagher, Ken Scott and Rev. Thomas preached, raised their voices and sounded the alarm. The Little Rock police officers did not follow through with their threat.

Sprinklers Watering the Saints and our Sound Equipment

"The scene was surreal," according to Rev. Thomas. "Once again our government strains at a gnat and swallows a camel. Police continue to defend the indefensible. Their concern was not about the little babies being murdered at the death camp. No. Their concern was the decibel level of our voices, pleading for the lives of the precious children made in the image of God."

In the Friday afternoon session, Rev. Rusty Thomas ministered the second part of his message.

Friday evening, Pastor Dale led worship and incorporated many of the children. Josiah Thomas (17) played the guitar and Cajun drum box. Eva Zastrow (16) played the keyboard. Torah (11) and Jubilee Thomas (8) and Corrie Zastrow sang. Allen Childress' preschool granddaughters sang a worship song to the Lord. It was not just cute. It was genuine. It came right from their little hearts.

Pastor Bates sang a worship song with the chorus, "We need an outpouring of your Spirit." The heartfelt song ministered to the gathering. Pastor Bates attended the OSA leadership for the first time at the invitation of Bishop Otis Kenner from Louisiana. Pastor Bates said he was impacted and plans on attending OSA's national event in July. We are grateful to God for such noble and impassioned men. The African-American church is awakening to the sin and crime of abortion. OSA is grateful to co-labor in this great effort.

Bishop Kenner preached a powerful sermon on "Transition of Leadership, Shift, and Change." He was used by God as a forerunner to prepare the way of the Lord for the rest of the meetings. Pastor Ante Pavkovic of North Carolina followed him and taught on "Koinonia." His teaching highlighted not only the fellowship aspect of the Greek term, but also revealed the added element of financial partnering in ministry. It was a scholarly work that laid the biblical foundation for the resources necessary for OSA's mission this year. Although unplanned, the back-to-back sermons complimented each other.

Saturday morning the "truth team" visited Little Rock abortionist Tom Tvedton's home in Heber Springs, Arkansas. They leafleted the neighborhood and stayed long enough for Tvedton's wife to yell out the door at them to leave the neighborhood. Please pray for these lost souls. May God save them.

No Tranquility with Baby Murder

Jason Storms led another "truth team" near the Little Rock Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood poisons little babies through chemical abortion. The team held signs, passed out literature, and preached the gospel.

The "rescue team" at the abortion clinic was pleased to discover the clinic did not open. The team praised God for His intervention. Since the deathscorts still showed up to defend their altar of Moloch, the saints continued to minister. Assistant Director, Chet Gallagher, led corporate prayer. Worshippers brought out guitars and began to lift their voices in song to the Lord. Others read Scripture. Intercessors gathered in small groups and prayed for those quietly sharing the gospel and the truth of abortion with the clinic escorts. A few held signs.

At the conclusion, Rev. Thomas led the Christians across the street to kneel in prayer at the gate of hell. Clinic escorts mocked but it didn't stop the Christians from praying for their salvation...and the end of abortion. It was prophetic witness.

  Kneeling at the Gates of Hell for the Lost

"And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it" (Matthew 16:18).

Saturday afternoon was the introduction of OSA's new national campaign to promote the Lesser Magistrate doctrine. Coach Dave Daubenmire, OSA leader from Ohio and Director of Pass the Salt Ministries, Cal Zastrow, Jason Storms, and Chet Gallagher shared on the importance of this doctrine. After the presentations, information packets with books were passed out. An enthusiastic question and answer time concluded the afternoon session. It was encouraging to see OSA leaders take ownership for the new campaign.

Saturday evening was OSA's last session. After a meal and worship, the site of OSA's next national event was revealed.

According to Rev. Thomas, "2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the Summer of Mercy in Wichita, Kansas. 1991 was the paradigm shift in abortion. There were 2167 abortion mills in 1991. This represented the high water mark of abortion in America. Then the Summer of Mercy commenced. From that time till now, there has been a steady decline in death camps throughout America. Today, there are 517 left defiling our land.

OSA has some unfinished kingdom business in Wichita, Kansas. Tiller's mill was reopened. To the death industry that represents their shrine that honors the world wide Moloch established at Tiller's high place.

OSA Kansas leaders John Pride and Bruce Garren spoke on why OSA's presence is needed. They shared on how Wichita worships God, but tragically serves idols (2 Kings 17:41). They invited us to come and not only worship God, but serve Him in their city.

Pastor Rob Rotola from Word of Life Church in Wichita, Kansas gave a video invitation. He officially invited OSA into his city. It was a dynamic welcome that promised local church and ministry support. Dr. Patrick Johnston and his family also delivered a video exhortation. They introduced their newborn daughter, Eva, and explained she was named after the concentration camp survivor, Eva Edl. Most early rescuers met Miss Eva at the Summer of Mercy when she shared her gut wrenching testimony in confinement 25 years ago. The significance was clear. A new birth is perhaps ushering in a new summer of mercy.

The Summer of Mercy saw thousands of pro-lifers arrive in Wichita to rescue babies at four different clinics in Wichita. Dozens of churches got involved for the first time. 35,000 Christians filled Cessna stadium at the end of this heaven-sent revival. The Summer of Mercy birthed two Kansas Congressman, a Senator, and dozens in local offices. All four clinics eventually closed, but the main one (Tillers) reopened. It's time for the "Summer of Mercy to be reborn for the preborn."

  Rusty Thomas, director
Operation Save America

PO Box 740066

Dallas, TX 75374


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