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Posted on August 13, 2010 at 5:00 PM



The article written by Daniel Tepfer in last Saturday’s CT Post newspaper about our gospel outreach here last Friday was not true. The reporter wasn’t here until the very end of the event and he never even interviewed us. He didn’t say where he got his quotes from. Nobody in our group said “Jesus hates Muslims” or shoved placards at children and shouted “Murderers”. This one article has caused many negative TV News reports and an uproar in our state all based on misinformation. We are here to clarify who we are and what we do.


Operation Save America – CT is a gospel ministry. Last Friday between 12:30 PM and 2:15 PM we gave out hundreds of pieces of literature, CD’s, DVD’s and the book of Romans in English and Arabic. About two-thirds of the people took the information. Some neighbors said they were glad we were here. Two men were street preaching and others were having one on one conversation. Some of the men shook hands and hugged each other after a dialogue. It was not a hateful event. Police are always notified wherever we go and they were present to direct traffic and make sure everyone was safe.


We have been ministering out on the streets in Bridgeport for over 20 years (with no arrests). We are here because God has commanded us to preach the Gospel to every creature. It is our Christian duty to love all people including Muslims. We are witnesses for the truth in the Word of God (The Holy Bible). It is God’s will that no one perishes but receives eternal life. Jesus spoke more about Hell than Heaven because He didn’t want anyone to go there. He cared so much for us sinners that He hung naked on a cross and shed His blood. Those who repent and turn from their wicked ways can be saved.


We preach the word of God through conversations, literature and signs. We know our rights of free speech, literature distribution and freedom to assemble. We have ministered outside of every high school many times in this city. Because of our ministry at the Summit Women’s Center over 2,000 babies have been spared from death by abortion. We have helped hundreds, maybe thousands, of young women and children with their needs. 400 souls have been spared from eternity in Hell through the saving power of Jesus Christ. We are simply Christian missionaries who want to reconcile the world to Him.


Marilyn Carroll

OSA-CT Administrator

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