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OSA National Leaders Weekend, Feb 4-7, 2010

Posted on February 12, 2010 at 7:17 AM

Twenty-five national leaders were greeted by the wonderful Benham family as they hosted our annual OSA National meeting at David and Jason's business offices in Charlotte, North Carolina. Three of the Benham young moms are pregnant. So three more grand babies are due to arrive this year for Flip and Faye to enjoy! PTL! 


Our first night after we arrived (Thursday) Pastor Tony spoke to us about witnessing to Muslims. It was very helpful. He taught us to balance love and truth when we minister to them. Go to www.IslamicFinder.com to find mosques in your area. 


Friday Pastor Flip had us break an all time OSA outreach record! We went to six "gates" in one day!

He must have been up all night dreaming of things he wanted the Lord's army to do there.


Friday morning we went to two high schools, North West and A.L. Brown. We were blessed to get gospel literature out to the students, staff and parents coming in and out of the school grounds. We also had abortion signs up so people could see the difference between a living baby and one that was killed by abortion. Which baby would you want? Even though the weather was wet and cold, the Lord sustained us and we delivered the mail.






Next, we went to LaTrobe abortion mill to encourage Flip's mom and sister who have been doing a mighty work there five days a week in the past year or more saving hundreds of little boys and little girls from death. We thank God for them! 


Our next stop was to Presbyterian Hospital where two local abortionists Flood and Harris have offices. Lots of literature was distributed throughout the area buildings and sidewalks exposing them for killing God's little "image bearers". Some of the men set up the sound system out in front so all of those in the area would know what was going on. 


After lunch our next outreach was to a large mosque in the area. A handful of men distributed the literature packs on the sidewalk near the driveway. "alsalem elakem" is a greeting in Aramaic that means "peace be upon you". When asked what you are passing out, you can say iIngeel" which means "the Gospel". Many packets of material were taken by at least 50% of the cars leaving the service. Prayer warriors stayed across the street in a van to watch and pray; interceding for the outreach to be successful. It was the most joyful time of the whole weekend to see how many recipients there were and to watch them reading the materials as they drove off. We know that God's word does not return void. Please pray for their salvation. We want to do this in CT, too.  



Friday night we drove to South Carolina to visit the grounds where the old PTL was located (formerly run by Jim and Tammy Baker). It is now known as Morning Star Ministries. Todd Bentley came back to the pulpit and was confronted by prophetic scriptures read by men of God from all over the nation. Pastor Flip led off with his scripture right before Todd was going to open his Bible. Flip said "Before you open that book......." and then warned him that God's holy covenant of marriage was being defiled and trampled on. 


It is known that Todd Bentley committed adultery. When you are truly repentant you turn from your sin and go the other way. Todd did not do this. He divorced his wife and left his three children to marry the younger prettier woman that he cheated with. Then was reinstated as a ministry leader by Rick Joyner and other overseers that called this "restoration"? Please pray for them. 




This visit was most upsetting. This church was like being in a nightclub/circus environment. Most of us felt really uncomfortable (Revealtion 10:9). There was a stage with fog effects and loud music. People were screaming when we first came in. People were doing different things all over the room. It was total confusion. Some were dancing, some were worshipping, some were eating, drinking, some were painting pictures on an easel. Others that were in front of the sound booth were getting prayed over and blown on and then jirating. There were cafes along the perimeter and different balconies and rooms on different floors but all was open to the middle arena. It was wild. The words to the last song were "Let go of your heart, Let go of your head, Just feel it now."


I do believe most of the attendees were truly sincere. But they were sincerely wrong. God's lost sheep were being led astray by a false gospel. It was all about what God can do for me, not what I can do for God. The following photos were taken from the back of the church. The first one is what it looked like with the human eye. The second one was not seen with the human eye but that's the way the photo came out. The whole experience was very strange and I never knew a "church" like this existed.  


Two other outside groups were visiting that night. One was a video team from the Oprah Winfrey show and another was a group doing a documentary on so-called "revivals". Some of our people were interviewed by them. If they want to make Christians look bad, which the media usually does, then they would expose the story on Todd Bentley. 


Saturday morning different groups went to LaTrobe, Hebron, and Winston-Salem PP. Abortionist Newton was exposed for killing babies at LaTrobe killing center. A group visited Mr Flood's neighborhood of mansions on Lake Norman near the golf course (see photos).




A neighbor was taken back to hear the news. She said her daughter was best friends with Flood's daughter. Her husband piped in from the background saying he was for a woman's right to chose (to kill her baby). Rusty had the opportunity to talk to a pastor that lived there. He was shocked to hear that Flood did this horrible act of ripping little children apart limb by limb for money. Another group went to R.A. Virani's community to let them know a baby killer was their neighbor. So sad. 


Saturday afternoon Pastor Flip did some teaching. Tracy, Abby, Destiny and Kristen were among those who so graciously served us with delicious meals! Thank you to all that helped make this event possible. We obviously got very little sleep this past weekend. I am still recuperating! We followed Pastor Flip's instructions to "Sleep fast!" as we only got about four hours sleep per night.


Sunday morning we did God is Going Back to Church at "Central Church" in Charlotte. This is an 8,000 member Church of God. The pastor is an awesome pastor. The problem is that they stay in the walls of the church and aren't concerned that little children are being killed a few miles from their building at two different locations. We went there with literature and signs to let the people know where they can go to pray and reach out to those who find themselves where they should not be.


We were able to give out literature to cars coming in and going out of the driveways. Most of the police we saw were helpful. The church security staff was NOT nice and had Dave, Rusty and Edwin (a young man from Central Church) arrested. They had to spend most of the day in jail, but God used them to minister there. We took up a collection and raised the bail for them. They have to go to court, so please keep this situation in prayer. 


There were two satellite parking lots where we had teams passing out literature. A divine appointment took place here. One of the bus drivers from the huge buses that drive the people to the main building stopped to talk to Ruth. He said he was a Muslim and showed her in his Koran where it shows Muslims are against abortion too. Ruth just happened to have an outreach pack from the mosque in her car and gave it to him. PTL! Please pray for this man too.



Remember Matthew 28:18 - Jesus came and told His disciples,

" I have been given complete authority in Heaven and on Earth.

Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations,

baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Teach these new disciples to obey all the commandments I have given you.

And be sure of this:

I am always with you, even to the end of the age."




Keep storming the gates; until the nets are full,


Marilyn Carroll, OSA-CT




PS - Special thanks to David Pia, candidate for CT Senate, who kept his word and came out to help cover the post while Carmen and I were away! 


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